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Practical Medicine partners with Emerson Ecologics & Fullscript Dispensary to recommend & offer 20% off the vitamins, supplements & homeopathy   

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This homeopathic pharmacy is for professional use only. You can purchase supplements, homeopathy or nosodes/allersodes by creating an account with my professional fulfillment code: IGS816G

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Practical Medicine partners with Joy Organics for 20% off Organic, third-party tested CBD/THC products!


Use code "Practicalmedicine20" 

Earthley Wellness

All natural health and wellness products. Use code "practicalmedicine10" for 10% off your first order and "practicalmedicine5" for 5% off returning orders!

Practical Medicine partners with Everlywell to give you 25% off the purchase of any test kit use code "practicalmedicine25"

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Use code "practicalmedicine15" for 15% off Organic Homeopathy by Ollois

Beeya uses organic seed cycling to naturally support & balance your hormones.
Use code "practicalmedicine10" to take $10 off a 3 month supply!

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Practical Medicine partners with Cellcore to give you 5-15% off all parasite and detox protocols when you set up an account using practitioner code: 49sVgDzl

*Email me to get your discount added to your account.

Evvy Vaginal Microbiome Home Test Kits
Use code "practicalmedicine10" for 10% off!

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Dr. Sari's Lunar Cycyling for Natural Hormone Balancing

Use code "practicalmedicine20" for 20% off!

Practical Medicine recommends Fine Points Acupuncture


Practical Medicine partners with   Haute Healing Oasis to offer clients a free promo day and $29 add on infrared sauna!

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